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West Springfield

Environmental Committee
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About Us
A group of approximately 12 citizens who meet at least once per month and sometimes more often.  We always meet at the "Oxford Place Community Building" (37 Oxford Place) in West Springfield.  Other opportunities exist with getting involved or you can simply attend an event as an everyday citizen who wants to learn more.
We work hard to preserve West Springfield's natural resources and welcome you to make a difference with what's in your backyard.  There are citizens who partake in our clean-ups, environmental research or attend our meetings when they can and nothing more. It's up to you as to your level of involvement.
The Environmental Committee has no affiliation with town or state government, but we do work closely with town officials as is needed so that issues can be addressed.
We host an array of events to help promote public awareness and appreciation.  From nature walks, birding walks, recreational hikes, historical events to clean-ups and environmental research, as well as hiking trail maintenance in Mittineague Park and Bear Hole.  If you like being outdoors, there is sure to be something that you will enjoy regardless of your age.  
Events are posted on this website via the "Events" link as well as in the West Springfield Record newspaper.  Larger affairs will get media coverage by the Republican Newspaper.

The Environmental Committee's Board of Directors as of October 2016 thru October 2017:
Al Cabot - President
Mary Anne O'Connor - Vice President
Julie Schlobohm - Treasurer
Jennifer Dugan-Harris - Secretary
Dietrich Schlobohm - At Large Director

President Emeritus
Diane Crowell

The Environmental Committee's Trail Maintenance Program
Todd Steglinski - Trail crew coordinator

Trail crew members as of November 2016
Todd Steglinski
Kathleen Curran
Doug Bednarczyk
Bill Ashley
Josh Fitzgerald
Robert Szela
Sheila Croteau
Robert Gubala
Dietrich Schlobohm
David Sloat
Joe Leporati
Steve LeClair
Cindy Romaniak
Austin Shea
John Witmer
Ben Armstrong
Sue Zimmerman


October 17, 2009

Great Blue Heron fishing at the border of the Ashley Reservoir watershed and Bear Hole


Bear Hole vernal pool on the slopes of
East Mountain - Spring 2009
Leopard Frog near the Bear Hole Reservoir
Mittineague Park - Eastern Box Turtle, a species of special concern with the
Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife "Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program". 
photo taken July 2011

A very large beaver lodge on East Mountain in Bear Hole - February 2010



Mittineague Park meadow - fall 2010


Attendees of the October 17, 2009 "Celebrate Bear Hole" sifting

through the ashes of an illegal bonfire on the banks of Lost Pond.

This bonfire occurred the evening of October 16th.  Materials burned included

wooden pallets and home remodeling debris such as wooden studs, linoleum flooring and a ceiling fan. 

The DPW  - Water Dept was notified by the Environmental Committee

and has agreed to remove this debris.